A brief history

Picture it: a blazing hot summer day in a beachside parking lot on the West Coast. Two regular guys were getting seriously cheesed off with a fussy windshield sun shade that just wouldn't cooperate. They were sweating buckets and getting more frustrated than a cat in a bathtub. Suddenly, one of them had an epiphany: "Enough is enough, man! Let's create our own shade!" And so, the almighty EzyShade windshield sun shade was born! From that day on, they basked in the glory of their genius invention, and the sun's got nothing on them now.

Sun Shades

Let's talk more about EzyShade's 2-piece windshield sun shade. It burst onto the scene in 2015 with all the fanfare you'd expect from a couple of friends sharing a drink. But lo and behold, by the end of its first year, this newbie was already dominating the US market. By 2016, it was breaking online sales records like a wrecking ball through a piñata. Its versatility and functionality were unmatched, and it quickly became the go-to shade for all those in the know. Nowadays, it's an old favorite, snugly fitting in the car of many a savvy driver and blocking out the sun like a boss.

The SnowShield

A bit calmer than his older sun shade brother, the SnowShield was born in 2018. Perhaps it’s the slightly higher price point of this impressive windshield snow cover, or perhaps it’s just the ever shortening winter periods, but sales of this beauty have always been steadier and more predictable. A welcome relief for our busy inventory planner! But make no mistake, our SnowShield has a healthy fan base, and with its durable design, high quality materials, and impeccable workmanship, it’s easy to see why!

Car Covers

Ah, the age-old story of the flimsy car cover. You know the one - you spend a small fortune on a cover that's supposed to last for years, only to have it crumble to pieces after a single season. It's like a bad romance novel, but with less passion and more frustration. Well, we said "enough is enough!" and set out to create a car cover that was both durable and affordable. Enter the EzyShade car cover, our latest masterpiece that hit the market in 2022. It's got all the bells and whistles you could ever want, and then some. And let us tell you, this thing is in high demand! It's like the hottest item on Black Friday, but without the stampede of crazed bargain-hunters. In fact, it's one of the highest-rated car covers out there, even when compared to those pricey alternatives. So, take that, flimsy car covers!

The whole package

EzyShade products are designed with great care and attention to detail. We take customer feedback far more
seriously than the average company, which is why we only have a few products. But what we have is second to
none – we are constantly at work refining and improving, and never settling for second best.
But it’s not just the products, our customer care is industry leading. We stand by our generous warranties and
guarantees because we want to make sure you tell your friends about our great products. But in those rare
cases where that’s not possible, we’ll settle for you telling them about our great service.
Bottom line: We actually give a toot!