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In 2015 the launch of our EzyShade brand raised the definition of quality in the auto accessories marketplace, Our innovative windshield sunshades were designed for a convenient and universal fit. By 2016 EzyShade was already a best seller on Amazon.com.

Quality Brands, starting with EzyShade....

Lovers of all things automotive, but blighted with hands full of thumbs, Volker and Rich just knew there must be an easier way to fold up those darned twisty-foldy windshield sunshades! But even untwisted and pressed against the windshield those fancy foldable sunshades just never seemed to fit quite right.

And so EzyShade was born. 'Just once I'd love to park at the beach and put some sunshades up without having to wrestle them in to place!' said Rich. 'Yeah, and wouldn't it be nice to be able to fold them up again and stuff them back into the little storage bag without cursing?' replied Volker (or something like that).

One thing is for sure, EzyShade has made driving enjoyable again! Well, maybe that's a bit of stretch, but at the very least it has made putting up and folding away your sunshades a completely curse-free experience! And with so many things out to annoy you in any given day, that is surely something to celebrate (a small sort of celebration)!

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